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At Berman, Bourns, Aaron & Dembo, our probate practice encompasses administration and settlement of decedents’ estates, including liquidating assets, distributing property to heirs, establishing guardianship of minors, and paying necessary estate taxes. We also are experienced in related areas, such as the creation of conservatorships and settlement of trusts. Our attorneys provide support and advice to clients throughout the difficult process of handling a loved one's estate.

Many probate disputes can be avoided through careful estate planning--- an area in which our firm is also highly skilled.

At times, probate litigation is necessary, and we are experienced in matters of will and trust interpretation, will and trust contests, and defense and prosecution of claims by and against estates and estate fiduciaries. Attorney John Berman has extensive experience in probate law, serving as Probate Judge for the District of West Hartford for nearly 20 years until his retirement in 2002. Today, in addition to offering traditional probate services to clients, he also practices Probate Mediation, a process where contesting parties in an estate may resolve sensitive, difficult disputes without resorting to the courts.

Attorney Jo-Ellen Jagos served as a staff attorney in the Probate Court with Judge Berman for two years and also brings extensive probate experience to our clients. Our experienced paralegal team provides helpful and competent assistance to fiduciaries as they navigate the probate document settlement process.