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Estate and Lifetime Financial Planning

Wills and trusts are be the basic "tools" of wealth preservation and estate planning, but building an effective strategy for managing accumulated assets and transferring those assets to loved ones, charitable organizations, or other parties requires skills that go beyond the basic preparation of documents. The attorneys of Berman, Bourns, Aaron & Dembo listen intently to clients during estate planning consultations in order to ascertain the nuances of family dynamics and to ensure that clients' wishes are carried out accurately.

Both Attorney Jo-Ellen Jagos, who worked as a staff attorney in the West Hartford Probate Court for more than two years, and former West Hartford Probate Judge John Berman have experience in serving clients in the preparation of their estate planning documents, in federal and state taxation issues, and in planning for disposition of non-probate assets such as deferred compensation plans.

The object of estate planning is ultimately to effect a seamless transfer of assets to designated beneficiaries. When that time arrives, our firm assists families through the estate settlement or probate process, including guiding fiduciaries through the resolution of claims and other disputes, in a professional and compassionate manner consistent with the desires of our clients.